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What I Saw In California πŸ‘€

February 12, 2024

As promised, I’m back with more California pics. I take a lot of photos, so I had to cut a lot of them. From the plane, I saw a solar farm in the desert (not pictured), some mountains, and itty bitty humans in their incy wincy homes. 🀏

I’m at DFW airport a lot, but never for any length of time. This time, I had a couple of hours so kill so I grabbed Whataburger (before leaving Texas πŸ’”) and snapped a couple of pictures of things I thought were neat. I try not to wander too much, there’s a lot of stuff there and it’s easy to get caught up lol.

Then I landed in California around 7pm and I spent two weeks there. I only went “out” a few times, and I completely forgot to visit the Playboy mansion. 😣 Traffic was crazy and there were a lot of Teslas and Audis out there. We saw a strange cloud over the mountains like the movie Nope. We went to the Voo Doo donuts at Universal β€” they were delicious, I’ve had them in Austin a few times.Β The avocados were super cheap compared to Texas but the gas was pretty expensive.Β In Texas, we’re paying $2.50 per Hass avocado right now. Also saw the Museum of Death! The pics of the lake are Lake Arrowhead.

And of course, a couple of pictures of me, taken while I was there. πŸ’‹

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